Rated Power:179kw/240hp

Rated Speed:2200rpm





Generally a grader is used to even road base when the road is constructed, sometimes graders are used in maintaining dirt roads and gravel roads, even the grassland and snow removal, grader is essential equipments in farms, ranches, construction industry, municipal service etc.


The grader has been equipped with a Cummins diesel engine which is turbocharged, inter-cooled, the engine has lower noisy and compact. The grader are adopted hydrodynamic torque converter. The hydraulic system of grader has double-pump, dual-circuit for stability and reliability. Breaking system of our grader is used the advanced technology to make operating safe, the hydraulic breaking system makes the motor grader easily controlled and operating. The roof mounted air conditioner in the cap, the roomy driving operating room gives operator opening view; air tight can prevent the dirt and noise from outside. The motor has streamline hood of the engine which make the machine easily maintained and heat radiating. The users can choose some parts which are equipped the motor grader like blade, scarifier, ripper, circle and automatic leveling device etc.

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