Rated power:52.1kw

Rated load:926kg

Bucket capacity:0.5m³





Skid steer loader is adopted wheel mechanism, all wheel drive and skid steering. Skid steering loader has been compacted, so it is maneuverable during working. The skid steering spot turning is achieved due to small, The skid steer loader is ideal machine for urban infrastructure, construction engineering, even plant, workshop, warehouse, port, steamboat deck and even the cabin and other narrow places. It can be used in logistics support, site cleaning, project ending and other operations, as the essential auxiliary equipment for large construction machinery. Our skid steer loader can also be used as a mobile station or pump station to provide power for portable hydraulic pickaxes and other hydraulic machines. It can attach various attachments to perform shoveling, stacking, lifting, digging, boring, breaking, grabbing, pushing, scarification, trenching, compacting, road cleaning, and many other operations.

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